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Golf is Sacred in Scotland

Trump opens Trump International Golf Links in Balmedie Aberdenshire
The Grand Procession in Scotland

Coup d'État

Trump Russia was enabled by an affront to Golf in the United Kingdom

Occasionaly raucous events disrupt the courteous complacency of the genteel game of Golf. Many are alcohol laden lunacy. Drunks are at home on the links. Accidents happen. Golf cart atrocities are notoriously horrific. They happen at many clubs, frequently. This gentleman's game is punctuated with outrageous fits of anger. One infamamous club smashing resulted in the business end of a snapped shaft piercing the argyle sweater and the left ventricle of a well heeled ivy leaguer. His death was his first hole in one.

Few are surprised that death on the Links is actually far more common than successful fashion statements.

The Royal and Ancient Golf Club in St. Andrews, Scotland known as the R&A, is the world governing body for the game of golf. (except in the United States and Mexico) To most golfers, the Old Course at St. Andrews, an ancient links course dating to before 1574, is considered to be a site of pilgrimage.

There are many other famous golf courses in Scotland. They include Carnoustie, Gleneagles, Muirfield, Balcomie and Royal Troon. The world's first Open Championship was held at Prestwick in 1860, and Scot's golfers have the most victories at "the Open" at 42 wins, one ahead of the United States.

In 2018 for the first time, an Italian won "the Open". Francesco Molinari stayed composed and on Sunday shot a 69 to finish at 8 under par for a total of 276 at Carnoustie. To Great Britain, having an Italian win "the Open" was hard to swallow. A Trump links course in Scotland however was an assault on the British Empire.

After an intense five year struggle, the Donald opened "Trump International Golf Links" in 2012. His mother born in Scotland, would have been proud of little Donnie. Trump's team may have stepped on some toes in the process. This was the most raucous event ever in their ancient and venerable game.

To Great Britain, the idea of a Trump Balmeidie, Aberdeenshire links course in Scotland was a sacrilege. During the struggle to overcome the financial crisis that gripped the world early in the Obama administration, Trump faced many hurdles to keep his dream of a golf course in Scotland alive.

Trump's mum, Mary Anne MacLeod, was born on the Isle of Lewis in Scotland. She was proud of her Scotch heritage. Little Donnie was proud as well. It is well known that Trump loved Scotland, golf and his mum. After the financial crash in 2008, nobody was funding golf courses. It was later rumored that Trump used Russian loans to complete the project. Trump’s son Eric, hinted in a tweet, that Russians "love to play Golf in Scotland". Whether or not Trump used Russian money is purely conjecture. What is known is Trump International opened in Scotland.

Some of Britain's powerful and elite golfers were truly pissed off. There were many news articles showcasing epic Trump vulgarity in the British Press. Scottish Golf was a solo dominion for British Golfer's only. Golf happens - even at the top of the British Intelligence Community.

Great Britain's Intelligence Community strata is similar to the US. We have the CIA, the Brit version is MI6 or SIS. In addition to collecting intelligence, both engage in covert actions all over the world.

NSA's equivalent in Great Britain is GCHQ.

In 2015 Richard Dearlove, the former head of MI6, got a phone call from the chief scoundral, John Brennan. This was the "raucous" start of RussiaGate. Golf would never be the same.

Sir Richard Dearlove

Did RussiaGate start with Dearlove?

The former head of MI6, Britains CIA, the knighted Richard Dearlove, was the first documented source of the Trump/Russia rumors. In the fall of 2015, Sir Dick, was the first person to tie Trump to Russia. Dearlove sent CIA Director John Brennan a dossier. The unholy and improbable alliance of Trump and Russia started. The rumor stemmed from the financing of a Balmeidie, Aberdeenshire Golf Course in Scotland. Trump had the chutzpah to step into one of the last bastions of the former glory of the British Empire. Golf.

Is it possible that Trump made a deal to get the job done? Maybe. So What? Assuming it is true, Trump borrowed money from somebody in Russia to complete the project. This is business. If they never got paid this might be news.

Business by definition is collusion. Both are legal and both make the world go round. In 2012 Trump now had his links golf course in Scotland. Mary Anne MacLeod would have been very proud of her son, little Donnie.

Dearlove although bothered by the possible loans, was haunted by the prospect of “Nationalism”. A revealing article, "I Spy Nationalism in Britain's Prospect Magazine will, in Dearlove's own word's, provide insight into his motives. In 2015 Trump was still a longshot. Trump was emerging as the front runner in the Republican primaries. The phrase "America First" was ingrained in the Trump Campaign. Dearlove and Brennan sought to nip Trump's campaign in the bud. This fear of "Nationalism" is somewhat understandable from a Brit that had two horrific world wars fought on his continent, in the century that shaped his life.

The John Brennan phone call to Dearlove in 2015 (it is in the NSA database) was the genesis of the ongoing coup d'États.

Brennan and Dearlove Talk in 2015

What did they talk about? Take a wild guess? These two men had extraordinary power and hubris. Both men built careers manipulating third world elections and foisting coup d'États. They may have had the balls to meddle in the first world.

The Phone Call

A bit of hacking of the NSA database uncovered and decrypted the Brennan/Dearlove phone call.

The irony is any non encrypted conversations, texts and emails were captured by our NSA. The NSA database knows where you were and what you were doing last Tuesday or any day. So does Google to a lesser extent. The NSA database knows too much. You leave a digital trail. Did the Obama admin abuse this data? This abuse may be their undoing.

Golf may have been the spark that spurred two Globalists to target their emerging enemy. But the fear of Nationalism was their fuel.

Never before had anyone attempted a coup d'état in America. This book will show how a spot of meddling by two spooks metastasized into severe and criminal wrongdoing by actors in countries across the globe. The largest scandal in history is emerging. This should be a RICO prosecution. The guilty include huge swaths of the Obama Administration, the CIA, the FBI, the Clintons, the British, print media, cable media, the US Congress, private corporations and a host of others.

In the recent shift from the left, NYU and Princeton professor, Stephan F. Cohen published an article in "The Nation" entitled "How Did Russiagate Begin?" on May 30,2019. In my opinion this was over a year too late. Better late than never.

In this piece, Cohen suggests a new scandal. "Intelgate". This refers to crimes at the highest levels in the US government. He specifically calls Brennan "the Godfather" of what he also calls an attempted coups d'état. In his first paragraph Cohen calls Intelgate the "most fraudulent political scandal in American history".

Many at the top of the Obama Administration acted far worse than the infamous Watergate Plumbers. When the musings and sniggerings of Brennan and Dearlove hit the ground, it was probably just a game to them. But these sniggers would later become Black Ops. I suspect neither had any idea how big their initial meddling would become.

We will examine many existing institions of Government. I hope "freedom of the press" will be examined as well. Hopefully my story will continue for decades after my death. History is a grand editor. This travesty should be recorded.

Barr Informs Congress

In March of 2019, Attorney General William Barr sent a letter to Congress summarizing the findings of the Special Counsel's Russia Investigation. The big story was a quote directly from the Mueller report.

“The investigation did not establish that members of the Trump Campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in it's election interference activities.”

This should have ended three years of Trump being an alledged conspiriatorial foreign agent. It did not.

So how were so many so wrong?

Author's note

Many of the world's best journalists for years have failed in uncovering the details of this grotesque abuse of power. Michael Hastings, one who tried, died too young in a suspect firey car crash in LA. His death and many more were trivialized when Samantha Power tweeted, "It is not a good idea to piss off John Brennan".

So this over the hill 70 year old man is collecting everthing I can find that will answer the five basic who, what, when, where and why questions needed to write and publish my journalistic endeavor. What follows is a living, breathing piece of self expression. It changes as sources change and facts emerge. It is not in hard copy. There are lapses into gonzo journalism. There are no editions. It is a simply a search for the truth. It is long, complicated and hard to organize. But as the complexities, connections and best of all, the subtleties are revealed, the massive abuse of power is being exposed. I hope it is as much fun for you reading the truth as I had finding and writing the truth. I am creating a GoFundMe page to do additional real research and hopefully put some money in my pocket. I could use some help. If any publishers are interested, please contact me.

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