How did this all go wrong?

John Brennan at CIA in Langely claimed credit for starting the Russian Investigation. But this book suggests it was actually the Brits GCHQ and Dearlove that orchestrated the first actions in the op. Did they do this at the bequest of Brennan? Brennan in 2015, desperately wanted to be the next Secretary of Defense under the presumptive next President, Hillary Clinton. It was his logical next step. He did not know he had a new career at MSNBC. But Washington can be very cruel. Brennan had a lot of baggage. There were many dead bodies tied to John. Brennan needed something positive to put him in front of Hillary's radar for the appointment.

Brennan knew that providing Intelligence Community help in making Trump look horrible before the election would help secure Hillary's favor after her presumptive ordained victory. Blowback would not be a problem, Hillary was their presumptive next President.

What followed is now a three year pile of history. No less than the most powerful people in the world tried to influence and rig an American election for President under the mantra of Russian Collusion. The world wide Big Brother spy apparatus would become involved. Most of the progressive media of course was onboard. For years it was all Russia, all day. It was a dream come true for the spymasters. Never before had the suspect Intelligence community had such willing partners in a formally liberal Media. The intelligence community could leak disinformation and it would be gobbled up by a bloodthirsty media and pubished as gospel.

Chairman Mao once said, "A lie told a thousand times becomes the truth". This is the underlying principal of progressive Propaganda. Propoganda works. It is a form of mass hypnosis.

The term “propaganda” apparently first came into common use in Europe as a result of the missionary activities of the Catholic church. In 1622 Pope Gregory XV created in Rome the Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith. This was a commission of cardinals charged with spreading the faith and regulating church affairs in heathen lands. A College of Propaganda was set up under Pope Urban VIII to train priests for the missions.

Keep shouting the lies is the core of propaganda. Over and over. Keywords and key phrases are critical. Some of the globalist groupthink keywords and phrases in this case were; Bombshell, the tipping point, the begining of the end, and the walls are closing in. Did you buy in? If you don't remember the last few years of the repetitive lies told thousands of times, the video below may refresh your memory. Did you fall for it? Many did so don't feel too bad.

Two Years of Propaganda Condensed

The Rolling Coup d'États

The phony narrative to rig the 2016 election morphed into the equally false narrative to impeach or imprison our President and anyone or everyone around him. The stridency of the media message was off putting for many. This new secular religion began to smell. I agree with Rachel Maddow that the word bombshell may have been overused. Many average Americans tuned out. They became deplorable. In recent polls, the majority thinks RussiaGate is rubbish. Somehow this propaganda was still in the news, but not on the front page. America was losing interest.

So let's "pivot" a little and find some other Trump disgraces to feature. RussiaGate morphed into the disgrace of all Kavanaugh all day. Smarmy High School yearbook posts along with, Qualude spiked punch, serial gang rapes and convenient memory losses became just as stinky as RussianGate. No one other than Liz Warren, Antifa and secular progressives believed it. This was not the finest moment in the US Senate. But the media covered it door to door. The reporting from so called journalists on this pivot lived up to their new journalistic standards. Don't forget all the ink and bandwidth wasted on the stellar presidential hopeful Michael Avenatti and his lovely client. Avenatti has now been indicted. He is probably headed to prison. Now "Creepy Uncle Joe" has a growing list of Bernie supporters crying #meToo. Kill Grampa - "he hugged me". The progressives are self immolating.

America has hit some new lows. We no longer have an objective free press or media. We have adversarial political actors posing as journalists. The ratio is aproximately five secular progressives to one something else. The ethics and standards of Journalism are largely dead on both sides. You now have to pick a news outlet as you do not trust this schism. America does not trust the news. Nor should they. This is sad. The heads of our news organizations should be ashamed and embarassed. The journalism professors in our universities should be equallly ashamed and embarassed. The news is no longer true. Education is biased. When the blustering Trump talks about "Fake News" he is right. America knows he is right.

Tyranny grows as the truth diminishes. Remember the press acceptance of the nascent WMD threat leading up to decades of wars since 9/11. We have turned on ourselves. Big Brother is out of control and who is going to stop it? I don't think it will be Brennan on MSNBC or Jimmy Clapper on CNN

The powerful abused the already abusive FISA. They conspired with Foreign Intelligence in Great Britain and other countries. Our premier law enforcement agents can "smell" Trump voters at Walmart. These people justify and approve their masked brownshirt ANTIFA silencing and beating citizens that dare to wear a MAGA hat. Mara Salvatrucha or MS13 are just teenagers on bikes with the occassional machete strapped on their crossbar. Lawyer Client priviledge is dead. The left has become evil and hateful. Liberalism is history. This is no longer the America I knew growing up.

Now that the two year Russian Collusion narrative has come up empty in the investigation, Mueller's litany is only process crimes. Those that have swept up in the mechanics of the investigation. According the Rob Rosenstein mandate, he can go anywhere that the investigation leads. There is a book on what is happening. Three felonies a day

Every day, the average American commits three felonies. So argues civil-liberties lawyer Harvey Silverglate in his new book “Three Felonies a Day,” the title of which refers to the number of crimes he estimates that Americans perpetrate each day because of vague and overly burdensome laws.

Good people are being sacrificed. Families are being bankrupted and ripped apart. The left loves humanity, it's people they hate. The mob... (another book) according to Hillary has threatened America that we (the mob) will only become civil once we are back in power. Good citizens are being crushed by the Kafkaesque power of Government Bureaucrats. Where are the liberals? One of the few sane liberals remaining is Alan Dershowitz. He is shunned on the Vinyard and unwelcome in Cambridge. This is the greatest scandal I have ever witnessed. George Orwell's 1984 is sadly coming to fruition. The growth of doublespeak, groupthink and the reality of Big Brother is on our threshold and has one foot firmly in the door.

The gigantic irony is the huge abuses of the Obama administration, the CIA and the FBI on our constitution, our privacy and what used to be a liberal and free America, could be repeated in the next Presidential Election by the Trump Administration. The underlying laws, statutes and executive orders enable "Big Brother". Despite the revelations of American Heroes, William Binney, Edward Snowden and General Mike Rogers, the "Big Brother" infrastructure remains fully in force.

Maybe you liked Obama spying. Trump has the same tools. How would you like Elizabeth Warren, Ted Cruz or maybe Mike Pence reading your emails and texts or listening to your phone calls?

Could Trump be protecting this eggregious power abuse for his own 2020 re-election?

The previous outrages in the 2016 election are flying under most of the media radar. The outrage was not Russian meddling, but the US government spying on US citizens. This was not done to solve a reported crime. The was no crime reported. Mueller said no crime was ever committed. It was done to influence a presidential election. It continued as an "insurance policy" to oust a sitting President. It was an attempted coup. It could happen again.

Most in our media are either asleep at the wheel or complicit in this debacle. The names involved in this disgrace are a who's who of Global Power. They start with John Brennan, Richard Dearlove and Hillary Clinton. The scandal has grown from an failed attempt to influence an election into an attempted Coup d'état' to oust a duly elected President from office. On August 23, 2018, the media uttered the word "Impeachment" over 300 times in 24 hours. Why? For what? The scandal will reveal desperate criminal and profoundly unethical acts that have been ignored by most of the media. The propaganda machine has now turned on Attorney General William Barr. Why? He will soon expose and indict those that abused their power.

Running Spies

The semantics and implications of the word spying has become a trigger phase that ignites the passions of globalists, those who "resist" and almost any democrat. They all seem to meltdown when the word spying is used. They prefer synonyms such as surveillance, monitoring or investigating. Now that Mueller has filed his report, we know there was no crime. There was no probable cause. The surveillance, monitoring, investigating or spying was warrantless. This is a felony. But spying?

"The lady doth protest too much, methinks". William Shakespeare

The reactions from those who spied, without predicate or probable cause, is over the top. Why? Hillary was not elected and they got caught. The reality of the 2016 political spying debacle acutely challanges the freedoms we hold so dear. The top brass at the top of our intelligence community and our Department of Justice were complicit. This Spying under Obama became intitutionalized.

In the months and years to come these political dirty tricksters will smugly cloak themselves in the flag, national sucurity, duty, honor, defense of nation and every other form of righteous indignation known. The defense is always delivered with imperious righteous indignation. According to Obama and now Biden, "There is not even one whiff of scandal."

The former Obama administration officials will pretend and vociferously defend all this as standard government policy. "We just were following orders".

If they get away with it, it will be.

The Brits took the US down this path prior to the 2016 elections, and we played along.

Here is how it started.

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