This is my first attempt at writing a book. I encourage suggestions and constructive criticism. I could use some help. There is so much content, it is difficult to organize. Like all writers, there is some subjective material. This novel is not 100% factual, it has opinion. But as issues evolve and become known, so does the book and so do the facts. So far my opinion has been on point.

I know the subject matter, I often presume the reader does as well. I don't want to bore you with even more detail. Some stuff becomes clear later, but for the unknown questions please ask. I may also ad this content to the book.

This book is online only. It is obviously free. It includes text, pics and video. It can be interactive. It evolves. There are no editions. This ads many layers of complexity to the project. I am attempting to write responsive code that looks and reads well on any device whether Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Phone. This is somewhat of a challenge for a person born in 1949. I don't have an IPhone or any tablet, so I cannot test or review the look and feel for the Apple world. So your feedback is especially welcome. I am writing without spell check in a code editor. So I expect there will be spelling errors.

I am doing this as I think it is important and a calling. But a friend suggested it would not hurt if you got paid something. I concur. So I built a gofundme page with the link below.
Thanks for the tip!

Thank you for reading,
Bill Carr

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