Political Espionage started in 2012

Internet Political Espionage started in the Obama Administration. In February 2013, Maxine Waters talked too much on Roland Martin Reports. Few believe anything she says, ever. Years ago, Maxine made the mistake of telling the truth. Maxine's naive disclosure exposed the present and predicted the future.

The Translation

The President has put in place an organization with the kind of database that no one has ever seen before in life[.] ... That's going to be very, very powerful[.] ... That database will have information about everything on every individual on ways that it's never been done before and whoever runs for President ... has to deal with that. They're going to go down with that database and the concerns of those people because they can't get around it. And he's [President Obama] been very smart. It's very powerful what he's leaving in place.

What did Obama leave in place? What database? Everyone in power knows. Now most informed people in the world know.

Obama Weaponized the NSA database

Obama abused the NSA database to spy on political opponents.

From 2012 thru 2016, 85% of the NSA Section 702 database queries were done without a proper FISA warrant. This was done by the Obama Administration and by private contractors. The names of the private contractors have been redacted.

What is FISA and the NSA database?

This database was the repository of intelligence information collected under several programs. The programs were FISA (The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978), Executive Order 12333, Stellarwind, and Prism. The data would be collected by the NSA electronically by intercepting and recording the emerging internet traffic. All data on the Internet would be collected and stored in this database. In 1978 this was only some phone calls and mostly academic or military data traffic. Almost no one could imagine the pervasiveness of the Internet that would occur decades later. This intent of this massive data collection was to provide foreign intelligence to our Intel community.

This method would eavesdrop and spy on Americans and foreigners and collect data without a warrant. This was a clear violation of the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution. The courts upheld the constitutionality of the law as strict rules would limit access to the data. Access to the data would require a warrant. This warrant would be issued by a secret court known as FISC (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court). There would be no defense attorneies, no cross examination on no representation for the targets of the warrants.

Since its launch in 1979, the FISC has approved 33,942 warrants while declining 6 thru 2014. Under Obama starting in election season in 2015, the number of failed warrant applications doubled those of the previous 35 years. The FISA court was akin to a dapper, mustachioed Mexican clerk vigorously rubber stamping the five government approvals required for ferry boat tickets from Guaymas to Santa Rosalia.

During the eight years Barack Obama was President, his administration filed 12,214 FISA warrants. 9 of the 12 declined FISA warrant applications were during the Obama Administration. It would be interesting to see the "unredacted" failed warrant applications.

This exposure of warrantless surveillance and yes, spying on Americans, is the reason for this book. It is already happening in the private sector. Every time you click the box "I agree with the terms and conditions", you are being spied upon. Google, Facebook et al know more about where you have been, what you said, the pictures you took and what you did than you do. There are digital copies. Databases never forget.

More information probably serves the greater good. It can serve to exonerate you. But the constitution does not require exoneration. It requires proof beyond a resonable doubt.

Judge: "Has the Jury reached a verdict?"
Foreperson: "We find the defendant not exonerated"

You have the right to remain silent. You give up the right when you click I agree. You also give up that right just by going online or using your phone. The people who collect the data have the power. What is their motive? They own the data. They disclose only what they want.

It is the motive not the media that is the message. Marshall McLuhan never contemplated the media as a spy mechanism.

Democratic socialists have gone off the rails. Obama's Big Brother behaviour is about to be outed. When William Barr uttered the word "spying", the democrats went crazy. That is because they know they were spying, illegally.

The huge power of the Obama /Brennan US intelligence apparatus was used for political purposes to benefit one party and to crush another. The democrats tried to use this power to crush Donald Trump. They failed. They keep trying in Congress. The current secret impeachment inquiry in the House Intelligence Committee is a continuation of the attempted coup d'etats. Adam Schiff is a man in search of a crime. He has been since Trump was elected.

It is kind of simple. The Mueller report affirms, Trump did not collude with Russia. Three years of accusations are fake.

Brennan/Dearlove Black Op against Michael Flynn

John Brennan and Richard Dearlove were the first people to speculate that Trump was colluding with Russia. It was not the first time they would use "Russian Collusion". They used it before. It worked.

RussiaGate was their latest attempt. They used identical Black Ops, HoneyTraps and Russian Collusion and even some of the same spies. In law enforcement parlance, this establishes a distinct pattern or an M.O. (Modus Operandi). In colloquial speak, once infamously botched by Dubya, "Fool me once shame on you, Fool me twice shame on me". Was it Steely Dan or too much Acid in their youth that encouraged these doddering fools to "Do it Again"

Their first Black Op was smearing General Michael Flynn. This was no easy task. Flynn was the head the US Defense Intelligence Agency. Flynn was the most respected intelligence officer of his generation. Together General Flynn and General Stanley McChrystal turned around the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Brennan wanted him gone. Obama wanted him gone.

What is the story behind the ousting of Flynn? The recent lawsuit by the alleged Russian agent and purported honeypot, Svetlana Lokhova, is exposing the first Black Op. These intelligentsia made the mistake of using the same Black Op twice. Of course they got caught. Let's go back years and take a peek at how it all started.

The first Black Op

Lt. General Michael Flynn

The backstabbers
Flynn shakes hands with his executioner

Obama appointed Flynn as head of the Defense Intelligence Agency in 2012. Flynn was one of the most respected intelligence officers of his generation. Together with General Stanley McChrystal they turned around the never ending wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan. In 2014 before he was forced out of office, General Flynn was at extreme odds with Obama and in particular John Brennan.

Flynn wanted to move DIA assets away from a burgeoning Washington bureaucracy and place them closer to commanders in the field in new emerging threat and battle zones. Brennan thought all intelligence should start and end with him at CIA. It was the big picture version of the classic intel fued. Analysts in a conference room vs. Agents in the field.

In 2014 the Obama Admin was still downplaying the threat of radical Islamic terror. Obama called ISIL (his term) the JV (Junior Varsity). Brennan was the architect. Islamaphilic Brennan refers often to the "Majesty of the Hajj". The administration had no clue how to deal with the threat of "radical Islamic terrorism". They refused to utter the words. Perhaps they thought if you never spoke the words, it would not happen. More likely it was part of their attempt to make it go away by not pissing off new recruits. A threat they could not comprehend and refused to utter, was in visible to Flynn and firing on his commanders and troops daily.

General Flynn had the balls to challenge their sophmoric version of the world. A year later, the ISIS Caliphate controlled most of Syria and Iraq. Beheadings and immolating infidels in cages were dark Internet entertainment and recruiting tools.

So the decision was made to shoot the messenger. If a tree falls in the woods and no one talks about it, it never happened. They should have shut down the Internet while conspiring to silence the General Flynn.

This is an excerpt from an article by James Kitfield in "Politico" on Flynn. On August 7, 2014, clusters of well-dressed men and women filed into the gleaming metal and glass superstructure of the Defense Intelligence Agency at Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling, just across the river from Reagan National Airport, for the retirement ceremony of Lieutenant General Michael T. Flynn, the agency's director. Among those present to honor Flynn were James Clapper, the nation’s top intelligence officer—who was a master of ceremonies for the event—and Michael Vickers, the undersecretary of defense for intelligence. It wasn’t an easy moment. Together, Clapper and Vickers had forced Flynn out as the head of DIA. The Defense Intelligence Agency is the Pentagon’s version of the CIA, a vast intelligence organization focused on providing senior officials in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, and senior uniformed leaders, with the intelligence necessary to develop strategy and make scores of difficult decisions each day. During the ceremony, Flynn would be extolled by Admiral Mike Rogers, the director of the National Security Agency, as “the best intelligence officer of the past 20 years.” But given the nature of the intelligence business that united them, many of the attendees also knew that Flynn’s retirement at age 56 was premature. A well-known maverick, Flynn had been asked to “shake things up” at the 17,000-person agency. He brought a more wartime mind-set and ethos to a sleepy Washington bureaucracy, until the bureaucracy pushed back and Flynn’s gung-ho style was deemed too “disruptive” for an administration determined to put the unpleasant memories of Iraq and Afghanistan in the rearview mirror. Taking the podium, Flynn, dark-haired with an aquiline face and a surfer’s wiry build, waved to his many family members in the crowd. He acknowledged the many senior officials in attendance, including his nemeses, Clapper and Vickers. He also made special note of retired General Stanley McChrystal, with whom Flynn had transformed the U.S. Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) into history’s most lethal terrorist hunting network. “If there is any one individual in this country who changed the way America fights its wars, it was Stan,” Flynn told the capacity crowd. Of course, everyone there knew that McChrystal, too, had been ousted from his job, after an article in Rolling Stone by Michael Hastings titled “Runaway General” quoted unnamed members of his staff making disrespectful comments about the White House. [Added: Hastings would later work on an article exposing Obama and Brennan for press attacks. Hastings would end up dead in a suspicious fiery car crash.] Inside military and intelligence circles it was understood that McChrystal, along with another ousted former general, David Petraeus, were the preeminent generals and wartime field commanders of their generation of officers, and the manner of their dismissal struck many as insulting. As did the treatment of Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn.

Brennan and Dearlove concoct the First Black Op

It all started innocently with a polite dinner invitation from the knighted Sir Richard Dearlove to Svetlana Lokhova. Sir Dick was the former head of Britain's Secret Intelligence Services (MI6) from 1999 through 2004. Dearlove was one of the most connected men in Great Britain. Svetlana was an attractive grad student working on her Ph.D. at Cambridge University.

This invitation was from the former head of MI6 and one of the founders of the Cambridge Intelligence Seminar(CIS). Lokhova was surprised by the Dearlove invitation. How did Sir Dick even know she existed? Svetlana was a Russian born, British citizen. She was a grad student. At the time, Flynn was the Director of the United States Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).

There were 15-20 guests at the dinner party. Svetlana's mentor at the time was Christopher Andrew, the former historian for MI5. He endorsed the Dearlove invitation. Svetlana jumped at the chance to attend. Andrew is now a defendant in Lokhova's lawsuit.

Lokhova was the only female guest at this Soirée. She was seated, in British tradition, next to the host, Dearlove. According to the NYT, seated across the table from Flynn and Lokhova was Stephan Halper. You will see his name again and again. Halper was the first Western spy in SpyGate outed by the Washington Post. Halper worked for the CIA for years. The Times was wrong. Halper was not at the dinner.

Halper was nicknamed "the Walrus". The Geico commercial with a huge fat walrus scooping up everything headed for the Hockey net could describe this turd.

The dinner was non eventful. But the "coincidental" meeting served to create buzz for the Obama administration gossipers. Andrew and Halper would leak stories to the Media. It was rumored Flynn was having an affair. It was rumored Lokhava was a Russian Spy. Both were untrue. The four emails the pair exchanged after the dinner were published in London and Washington. Flynn was later forced out of office by James Clapper.

Years later on Feb. 19, 2017, Andrew published an article in the Sunday Times of London, in which he said that Flynn asked Lokhova to travel with him as a translator to Moscow on his next official visit and that Flynn signed an email to Lokhova as “General Misha.” This entire leak has been proven untrue.

Coincidentilly in other press reports it was speculated the two may have been dating or even having an affair. It was further speculated Lokhova was a Russian Spy. None of this was true.

Lokhova Sues Halper, Andrew, New York Times, Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal

Margot Cleveland at "The Federalist" has a great article on Lokhova's lawsuit.

Lt. General Michael Flynn was forced out of the DIA soon after the allegations he was "romantically involved with a Russian Spy". "It is not a good idea to piss off John Brennan" Samantha Power.

The Flynn Black Op is falling apart with Lokhova's lawsuit. Is she trustworthy? Who knows. Historically she is litigeous. But Svetlana is the first actual Russian involved. The lawsuit asks some huge questions that beg bigger answers.

Brennan does it Again

Dearlove's and Robert Hannigan's contacts with John Brennan in 2015 were the first known overt events in the Russian Collusion Hoax. Other intelligence from other countries were included in the Brits missives. Most of it was bogus. Did these principles believe this Intel to be true? Who Knows? I doubt it. At the time, they wanted it to be true. Globalists regard themselves as smart, Nationalists as ignorant.

Dearlove, Brennan and most of the so called elite are Globalists. Trump was an "America First" nationalist and the ultimate irony. Trump became the first billionaire populist. This made people crazy. As we said as kids in Boston, they went mental. Trump is now in power. They are still going mental. It is evident from Brennan and Dearlove's mental public statements that they both feared and loathed Donald J. Trump.

Did Brennan and Dearlove collude? Absolutely. Did they Conspire? Durham has the evidence. Unethical for the heads of MI6 and CIA was small potatoes. Both often pushed the boundries of illegal as long as they were not caught. Dearlove and Brennan also knew that even if caught, their antics could be spun as "Classified" or hidden under the Umbrella of "National Security". National Security is routinely used to hide embarrassing and illegal behavior by our intelligence community from the public. "Blowback" would not be a problem when Hillary was our new President.

Dearlove was retired and Brennan was constrained by US law not to spy or operate domestically. But they were detemined to stop Trump. Dearlove and Brennan smugly regarded themselves as the smartest men in the room. Both needed a fixer. A private firm. Someone invisable. Someone not in America. The American press, a long time ago, investigated. This firm would need money. Invisable money. The money will prove as usual to be the undoing. Follow the money.

We now know and it is proven is that much the money that funded Fusion GPS, Christopher Steele, the dossier, the Cloudstrike research into the email hacks and the basis for the FISA warrants came from Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation. Another million landed at Fusion GPS from the Obama campaign coffers at the end of his political career. This money was laundered by Hillary through the DNC and later hidden as "legal expenses" by the law firm Perkins Coie. All were protected by attorney/client priviledge.

What we don't know is who funded the Black Op against George Papadopoulus.

The second Covert Operation

In an April 2019 interview on CSPAN, James Baker, the Chief Legal Counsel for the FBI stated it was info on George Papadopoulos, not the Steele dossier, that started the investigation. Baker may be hoping to shift blame from his horrible role in the FISA warrants that relied on the dodgy dossier. This is not news. Everyone knew years ago that George Papadopoulos was the official start of Crossfire Hurricane.

What is now known is George was entrapped and framed. He did nothing wrong. He may have been a touch naive, but this is not a crime. No less than ten Western Intelligence assets and multiple agencies were run at him. Joseph Mifsud, Arvinder Sambei, Erika Thompson, Alexander Downer, Stephan Halper, Azra Turk, Sergei Millian and Charles Tawil. We will talk about them all. Was it Brennan, Britain or both that started this covert op? The details are a big chunk of this book.

The best understanding of what actually transpired comes straight from the horse's mouth. George Papadopoulos is talking. He courageosly wrote a book. What does PapaD have to say?

George Papadopoulos - An Interview

The Papadopoulos Book

In the book George lays it all out for the world to see. The book (Deep State Target)is a nightmare for Brennan and the Brits. This writing comes from his heart. This implicit honesty is impossible to fake. He maligns so few. This is an outpouring of his soul. I was moved. You need to read his book. I was both touched and outraged. The people on the government side of his unjust prosection have either gone deep into hiding, dodged reporters or have no comment if found. Our country abused its power and framed an innocent man. Thank you George for writing this book. I hope you sell millions. You deserve it. Excuse me for nicking you PapaD, but your name is a ton of typing. To me you are PapaD. Ευχαριστούμε.

No less than ten western Intel assets were run at PapaD. The best clue comes from the Intel upon which the FBI acted. It was the bullcrap from Alexander Downer that got everything started and later sent an innocent PapaD to prison. I bet prison was easier than being referred to as the coffee boy. PapaD was punished unjustly by everyone. I hope PapaD gets some great lawyers and sues all of them.

Alexander Downer thinks his shit doesn't stink. Downer crafted the biggest contribution to the Hillary Foundation of any country in the world. $25 million dollars. It wasn't his money, it came from the citizens of Australia. But Downer took credit.

The description of the meeting with PapaD and Downer is intriguing and descriptive. Downer is a f'in ahole. The text of this meeting should be heard. The world has one version. The version from the principal rings true.

Meeting Downer from PapaD's book:

I checked my phone when Erika calls me. They are running late. I survey the crowd. It's relatively young, well scrubbed and prosperous. I study the wine list, which is on second thought, somewhat impressive. Finally Erika arrives with this tall bespectalaled gentleman. Maybe it's his big glasses, but he reminds me of a stretched-out, grey haired version of New Wave pop star Elvis Costello. He sits down, squeezing in at the small table, and Erika makes the introductions, but her manner is formal and distant.

Downer is oozing aggression by comparison. After our introduction, the first thing he says is, "Tell your friend he should leave my boss alone, and you should leave him alone too."

I am stunned by this senior diplomat's bullying manner. I've had warmer greetings from ex-girlfriends. So much for Erika's friendly get together.

"I don't know what you are talking about." I respond. "No one is bothering your friend David Cameron. But he might want to show some respect to the man who is likely to be the next US president"

Downer says nothing. Instead he takes his phone and holds it straight up, as if filming me. But he doesn't really look at the screen. Instead he is glaring at me. It is a look of scorn. He brings the phone down, but a few seconds later he repeats the move again.

A waiter comes by. Erika orders a round of gin and tonics. Downer starts talking. He tells me he is connected to a British security firm called Hackluyt. He boasts about being a board member and that the firm has a great presence in London and close ties to the Obama administration. "We advise many governments," he says.

I nod. I am not sure what to say about this. He shifts gears. "George, I used to be the UN envoy to Cypress, and what you are talking about in Cypress is wrong, and it is a threat to British interests."

British interests? David Cameron? A private British security firm? Isn't this guy supposed to be representing Australian interests? I am wondering if this guy is all there. So far he has taken out his phone more times that he's mentioned relations between our two countries.

Who were the handlers of the western intel assets run at PapaD?

The best choices are both Brennan and Dearlove. They were the puppetmasters. Stephan Cohen calls Brennan the Godfather. What is unknown is which of these two got the ball rolling. It doesn't really matter as the two became co-engaged in a conspiracy to dump Trump.

There is one common thread that ties ALL of the sources, spies and fake Russians that were run at the Trump Campaign.

They all claimed they had "dirt" on Hillary Clinton. But no "dirt" was ever revealed.

Needing a fixer to run the British op, Dearlove picked his close friend Mike Reynolds. Mike was the co-founder of Hakluyt and perfect for the job. This was perfect for John Brennan as well as this was not in America. Brennan as head of CIA, was not allowed to conduct covert ops in America. Did the Brits start this or were they working on behalf of Brennan? The history of the CIA is that all ops start in Langely, but manifest elsewhere. It is not likely the ops were started by the Brits. A foreign led attempted Coup d'Etats could be considered an act of war. It was Brennan.

Hakluyt has been called The British Fusion GPS

Almost all that is known in the early stages of RussiaGate is connected to one firm. Almost every significant player in the initial covert op is connected to this company. This firm had a 20 million dollar windfall prior to the US 2016 election according to their own reporting. Where did this money come from? Their financial statements showed a significant increase in currency conversion expense. So it obviously came from a non UK source.

This firm, Hakluyt, is headquarted in the Kensington neighborhood of West London. Almost all of the first instances of "Russian collusion" happened within walking distance of thier front door. In the upcoming chapter "Brits Onboard" you will learn how the UK still regards America as part of their colonial empire. You will also learn that "Trump/Russia" ops probably started in the UK with guidance from Brennan.

At first Trump was considered a joke. But after winning primary ater primary he became more of a threat. Both Dearlove and Brennan upped their game. By necessity, So did Hillary. And after Trump became the de-facto opponent, count the entire Obama Administration on board. The published tweets and emails of the administration officials and Team Hillary show unquestionable biased participation.

This little dirty trick was becoming serious. The movers and players became locked into the Russian Collusion Hoax. Many people would be sucked into their nasty conspiracy. All of the counteritelligence at this stage came from Great Britain.

Next Chapter - The Brits are Onboard