Where are the Liberals?

I think I am wicked pissah liberal. I do not trust the government at all. I don't like government ever. I don't hate cops. I hate their statist missions. I love people. I love freedom. Power to the people was on my denim jacket in 1969. This was our uniform. My friends and I were all hippies that became radicalized. It was the war in Vietnam that made us crazy.

Bruce Murphy and I threw a gasoline soaked flaming railroad tie through the front window of the of the Harvard Coopertive Bank in Harvard Square in a "demonstration" around that time. What a stupid idea. There was a small fire in the bank. To our dismay, the bank did not burn down. We were never caught. To the Cambridge Police F'ck you. The statute of limitations is long gone. The windows were replaced by bricks. This was good enough for juvenile liberals like me 50 years ago. But today it is far more complicated. There are few liberals remaining.

What got me so angry that I attacked this bank? The bank was a symbol of the establishment. The establisment was the unknown power determined to make American life a living hell. They were trying to draft everyone my age and send us to Vietnam. The government had way too much power. It was a piece of what Trump now calls "the Swamp".

I went to a military college in 1967 after high school (Norwich University) so I could be an "officer" in their war. (My father's advice). I loved and hated Norwich. I later tuned in, turned on and dropped out with many of my generation. For every male high school graduate from 1963 to 1972 the establishment was evil. Taxes were onerous but the draft (forced conscription) is why I and my friends really hated our government. Everyone in America at that time had some family or friends that were killed or maimed in this stupid war. Yes it was stupid.

The hypocrisy of the swamp existed back then. The establishment found ways to exempt their own "Fortunate Sons" from conscription. They could also become officers. Patriotism was only for the non elites. The number of sons of US Reps and Senators and that served in Vietnam was only single digits. Those that were drafted mostly accepted it as thier patriotic duty. Some even enlisted. There were many sons of WWII veterans that shared their father's patriarchal patriotism. Most elites had a well developed game plan stopping their own son's service to the country on the front lines in Vietnam. The country was far more divided then than today. But the division soon was on the politics of the war.

The antiwar protests did not become radicaliized until the 1968 election. The war up until this time was escalated by JFK and persued by Lyndon Baines Johnson. It was a democratic war. The liberals in the democratic party went after Johnson and his cabinet. Johnson resigned after only one term in office. The liberals were split between Bobby Kennedy and Eugene McCarthy. They both advocated immediate withdrawal from Vietnam. Bobby was assinated shortly after the April 4th 1968 assination of Martin Luther King on June 6th 1968. Assasinations inspires passion. The agitition of America was in full swing heading into the Democratic Convention in Chicago.

The courageous men that fought and the women that served in Vietnam never lost a battle. But our government lost the war. Was America defeated by Vietnam? No, our govermment lost the war all by themselves. China learned then how to defeat America. China is doing very well in our new war. This is a trade war.

Donald Trump, like me, was one of the millions of "Fortunate Sons" that escaped the Vietnam debacle. I am sure the Vietnam era left a lasting impression on our President. Big government is ignorant, incompetant and evil. Trump had to become a liberal. Just like me. True liberals hate overreaching government. And they should. All government overreaches sooner or later.

What happened to the liberals?

The former liberals, formerly democrats, are now engaged in a never ending struggle to oust their political opposition from power in their quest for ppwer. They are not liberals anymore. All the power our government possesses has been brought to bear. The Obama Adiminstration used the NSA, CIA and the FBI illegally in gross abuses of power. They even had a Special Council engage in a two year investigation. They are still trying to revive investigations in Congress. Enough already. They are not liberals anymore...

It is time to re examine, rewrite and de-politicize the laws that govern spying on America and our citizenry. It is also time to stop the video surveillance of every square foot of our cities and towns. Do you want to know everything and have it documented? Maybe a touch of mystery should still exist. This might be my next book.

The new liberals

The new liberals will reexamine FISA, NSA data collection and connections and abuse of power by a political administration. They could be connected to either political party. The new liberalism encompasses both partys. They will surely be opposed to the oligarchs in the swamp. There are signs that truth might someday win over politics in Journalism.

Bob Woodward of Watergate fame and a premier democratic leaning liberal journalist recently published an article that called the Hillary paid for Steele dossier, "Garbage". Those who are not sure of the veracity of the conversion of a lifelong democrat suspect this is an attempt at a soft landing. The optimists among us belive that truth is more important than party.

The most grudging article by liberals as to why Trump supports liberals and liberals support Trump, appeared on politico.com. Politico is a noted Trump hater, yet they pubished this article. Politico will be granted the current end of this chapter. Perhaps liberals are supporting Trump. Maybe they should.