Meet the new Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee

Congressman Adam Schiff

As Chair of the prestigious and influential House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Schiff is the House overseer of U.S. intelligence. The oversight of our nation's 17 diverse intelligence agencies including CIA, NSA, and the FBI fall under Chairman Schiff. It is a coveted seat of power that has access and input into our nation's deepest and darkest secrets.

As often happens with many men with such immense power, our Chairman is not without controversey. The FBI and Special Counsel investigations concluded there was no collusion. Schiff shouted he has evidence that will prove them wrong. The chairman is smarter than the average ranger. Right Boo Boo?

Schiff has long claimed ample evidence of Trump Russia Collusion. As chairman he knows more than we do. In a search for news, Schiff has been a frequent guest on MSNBC and CNN. In all fairness, not as frequent as the new hero Michael Avenatti.

Schiff's evidence claim has been viciously attacked by all of the supremicist, right wing conspiracy nuts. He was even questioned by some in his own caucus. He never disclosed his evidence. He never caved. The fearless Schiff stuck to his guns in the face of overwhelming derision. Trump gave him the nick name "pencil neck". With a nick name, Adam Schiff was now officially part of the "resistence".

Schiff was keeping his powder dry. For Schiff, revenge is a dish best served cold. It only ends with impeachment.

A bombshell audio tape provided by Chairman Schiff will show that Mornin' Joe and Misha might be the smartest people in the room. Schiff and his crack technical staff were able to surreptisously record this bombshell audio tape. Are the walls closing in? This is the beginning of the end. Finally Schiff's evidence has been revealed.

The Schiff Evidence

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The Bombshell Russian Tape

Adam Schiff, Chair of the House Intelligence Commitee recently in a phone call, was given new information by Andriy Parubiy, the Chairman of the Ukranian Parliament. Congressman Schiff ever alert to the very sensitive matter of Russian Collusion, recorded this bombshell tape. Could this be the beginning of the end?

Some of the highlights are the frank disclosures of the head of the Russian Mafia "Uncle Misha" at Cafe Langeron. "it's on the Brighton Beach". Naked Photos of Trump with Olga Buzova and even the super secret two tiered passwords given to Trump. Schiff has the goods.

"What's the nature of the kompromat?" Adam Schiff

There is a small problem with Schiff's evidence. The call was a actually a prank by two Russian Comedians. Vladimir Kyzetsov and Alexei Stolyarov. The two comedians, known as Vocan and Lexus, called Schiff in April pretending to be Andriy Parubiy, the chairman of the Ukrainian Parliament. In the call, Vocan and Lexus claimed to have recordings held by Uncle Misha in Brighton Beach that would reveal Russian President Vladimir Putin was blackmailing Trump with photographs of him and a model named Olga Buzova in a compromising position.

The pranksters said that Putin was dangling this scandalous material over Trump in order to coax him to stop sanctions.

The duo claimed the photos were taken during Trump’s trip to Moscow for the 2013 Miss Universe pageant. The infamous Steele dossier, which Schiff has touted in the past, makes almost the same allegations about Trump. The unverified document claims that the Kremlin has recordings of Trump with prostitutes during that trip.

“And what’s the nature of the kompromat?” Schiff asked in the phone call.

“Well, there were pictures of naked Trump,” one of the pranksters said, later describing the material as “naked photos taken during an affair between the president and a Russian glamour model.”

One of the two identified the model as Buzova. Schiff was writing as fast as he could. He asked for spelling.

Schiff: “I’ll be in touch with the FBI about this. And we’ll make arrangements with your staff. I think it probably would be best to provide these materials both to our committee and to the FBI,” he said in the call, which lasts around eight minutes. Take the time to listen to it. It is a bit of levity in a morose book.

If this prank was not exposed, Would the evidence be given even more weight than the Clinton paid for "dossier"? Would we have another round of FISA warrants and a new Special Counsel? Schiff like Brennan was onboard. Brennan's task force at Langely would be replaced by the Schiff Committee on UnAmerican Activity. Maxine Waters would shout again and again "Impeach Photy Fie".

The Schiff Tape was an explosive piece of "evidence". The Bombshell. The Tipping Point. The Times and the Post would have articles every day on Russia's mysterious missing model Olga Busova. Headlines would run like "Where is Olga", "Busova Missing and Feared Dead" ,"Trumps pimps out Miss Universe". Follow ups would include Uncle Misha funding the Trump Empire from his restaurant, Cafe Langeron, in the Brighton Beach over a bowl of Ukranian red borscht. Putin's God daughter, the famous Russian reporter Sovchek, introduced Busova to Trump. Sovchek who also supplied models for sex to Russia's obligarch's, would also turn up missing. Who killed her? Trump, Uncle Misha or the GRU? The Schiff Tape, only 8 minutes long, would keep the Media busy for months. The FBI would later label the Schiff Tape as salacious and unverified. But would still use it for a FISA warrant to spy on everyone in the Trump orbit.

The parallels could go on and on but there is a difference. The world now knows the Schiff Tape is a prank but Americans widely believe that Russian Collusion is real. Lives have been ruined and people are going to Prison. This is not a joke. recently posted a poll done by The Economist and YouGov.

The Ultimate Fake News

November 18,2018

Fake news is a serious problem in our political life. I’m not referring to a pathetically small number of Facebook ads bought by Russian provocateurs. I’m talking about the fake news that was paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee; fabricated by Democratic Party-allied consultants; propagated by the FBI and the CIA; promoted by the broadcast networks, CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Associated Press; trumpeted by pretty much every senior elected Democrat; and kept alive for years by Mueller. The claim that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians to “steal” the 2016 presidential election is the great fake news of our time.

How successful have the Democrats and the Media been in propagating that myth? This survey by The Economist and YouGov suggests that they have been successful beyond their wildest dreams. First the numbers, then some observations.

Note the question asked: Did Russia “tamper with vote tallies in order to get Donald Trump elected President?” There is no evidence–I repeat, none–that Russia “tampered with vote tallies.” To my knowledge, no one has claimed that Russia tampered with vote tallies. I am not aware of any plausible theory on which a foreign power could tamper with vote tallies. To say that Russia tampered with vote tallies is as credible as asserting that the moon is made of green cheese.

And yet, two-thirds of Democrats say it is either “definitely true” (31%) or “probably true” (36%) that Russia tampered with vote tallies. Women are especially gullible; 48%, across all party lines, have fallen for this fake news. Sadly, 70% of blacks have bought it hook, line and sinker. The Northeast is the country’s most ignorant region, apparently: 47% of Northeasterners have fallen for the hoax.

So the Democrats, by their constant hysteria and innuendo, have convinced a large majority of their followers, and 42% of all Americans, of a palpable falsehood that was fabricated in order to assure Hillary Clinton’s election and then, when that effort failed, perpetuated an attempt to cripple President Trump’s administration.

Is this the most successful disinformation campaign in history? I don’t know. But in American history, I can’t think of a plausible rival. President Trump is right: fake news is a serious threat. By cynically selling an absurd lie to its followers, the Democratic Party has badly damaged confidence in our democracy.

Deer in the Headlights - Adam Schiff

The new head of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence is Adam Schiff aka "Pencil Neck"

The highlight of his career was resisting the Republican controlled House Intelligence Committee investigation into the attempted Coup d'États of Donald Trump. Now that democrats have a majority he is on a mission to impeach President Trump.

Oddly he originally came from a town right next to where I live, Framingham, Massachusetts.

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