Meet The Russians

The concept of Trump/Russia collusion was inflicted on the public in 2016. If Trump was colluding with Russia to steal an election, with whom was he colluding? Who are the Russian's involved? What did they do? So let's take a look at the real Russian's that have been exposed and named in the media reports to date.

All of the Russians involved in the RussiaGate Hoax were planted assets of Western Intelligence It is a joke when you go through all the Russians involved. They are all connected to or were framed by Brennan's CIA. That our intelligence community could be so stupid should not be not possible. But Hillary lost. All of these Russians have nothing to do with operations in the Kremlin.

Svetlana Lokhova

CIA's first victim
Svetlana Lokhova - The first Russian red herring

The first known Russian born target was Svetlana Lokhova. Svetlana was an historian and former Ph.D. student at Cambridge University. She was setup by John Brennan in his fued with Lt. General Michael Flynn in 2014, years before Trump was elected. Tying Flynn to Russian Spies was the prototype for the attempted Trump/Russia coup. It worked. Flynn was ousted as head of DIA. Svetlana was smeared unjustly. Her life was made a living hell.

False rumors were spread that Lokhova was a Russian spy and Flynn's mistress by CIA's Stephan Halper and others.

Svetlana filed a lawsuit in May 2019. On October 25, 2019 Judge Leonie Brinkema, a Clinton appointee, suspended discovery.

Months later in ~Feb/March 2020 the lawsuit was tossed by Judge Brinkema. Her reasoning was the one year statute of limitations on libel and slander. This is ridiculous. There is an appeal. If torture starts in 2014 and continues to this day, should the statute only apply to the start date? Margot Cleveland in "The Federalist" wrote about the lack of justice in the decision here.

The best pathway to the truth in who did what to who in RussiaGate will be the courts using discovery, depositions and subpoenas. This case needs to be reopened. Svetlana will need a ton of money for her lawyers to take on the CIA , the Deep State and the complicit media. If you are outraged by RussiaGate contribute on Svetlans's book site. "Spygate Exposed" Read the Book. This is the start on how it can all unravel.

Meet Olga Roh

The UK has a commercial reality TV success exploiting wealthy and glamorous Russians. Bravo TV might have the reality show, "The Real Expats of Moscow". They are often a bit gaudy in their over the top UK playgrounds. It is a profound critical failure. But it is a stunning ratings success. Like a car wreck, the viewers are riveted. It was on "Meet the Russians" that we first learned about Olga Roh.

Olga Purrs in Fur
Olga Roh - The first Russian

Olga was first introduced to the UK and the world on "Meet the Russians" Olga goes first in this book because she was the first Russian involved in CIA director Brennan's collusion delusion. If we are looking for the genesis of the failed Coup d'États, the first Russian involved might be a good place to start. Through her husband, the Roh family was deeply involved from the very beginning. They could be a sexier version of the Clintons.

Her maiden name is virtually impossible to find on the internet. Thus there is not any family history to be found. Olga has no ties to Russia in the media other than birth. But according to Ms. Roh, who also modelled for Valentino, or Versace according to multple accounts, she provides some family background in the UK publication "The Express".

Olga tells how she is the descendant of Russian aristocrats who lost their own palace in Moscow when the Tsar was overthrown in the 1917 Russian Revolution.
In the article Roh said: “I wasn’t able to save my family’s palace, but now I have the chance to save a wonderful Scottish castle and bring it back to its former glory.
Olga continues, “I have the title of princess in Russia, from my father’s side, and now I will have a true connection with Scotland as a baroness.”

Olga and her husband bought an abandonned castle and barony in the same Council Area in Scotland as Donald Trump's Balmedie Golf Course. They are only about 10 miles apart. The council area of Aberdeenshire is not big. It is about the size of a small county in the US. There are 32 Council Areas in all of Scotland. It is such a small world. Just think, the humble Trump family is in Balmedie and the loving Roh family is in Banff. How quaint. How cozy. It is heartwarming.
The castle and Roh barony acreage overlook the friged North Sea.

The cost was only 400,000 pounds. Trump should have bought this Barony to build his golf course. There was plenty of land, it overlooked the ocean and it had a castle. The Royal title of Baron and Baroness was included with the purchase of barony and the derelict castle. Donald and Melania could have been the Baron and Baroness of Inchdrewer. (The name of the abandoned Castle and barony.) They could have named thier son "Duke" like John Wayne instead of Baron. If ycleptic bias is true, Duke would have been far less wimpy. Baron Trump by birth and inheriting "Divine Right" would have been a baronet.

The Evolution of Inchdrewer

Inchdrewer Castle
The mother of three, bought the castle following the death of its previous owner, Count Robin de la Lanne-Mirrlees

In an article in the UK's "Daily it was reveled Ms. Roh bought the Castle in 2013 following the death of its previous owner, Count Robin de la Lanne-Mirrlees - who lived at Great Bernera in the Outer Hebrides, and was said to be a model for James Bond. Later we will learn more about Fitzroy MacLean. MacLean was thought to be the character that inspired Ian Flemming's 007. MacLean was one of the founders of "Hackluyt". Hackluyt was the inspiration for Glenn Simpson's Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele's Orbis.

Count Robin’s lawyers, Ken MacDonald and Co. based in Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis, said the title was being transferred to the couple. The Isle of Lewis coincedently was the bithplace of Mary Ann MacLeod, Donald Trump's mother. Such a small world.

An application for assignation of title had been made to the Scottish Barony Register. The £400,000 purchase of the castle conferred "Divine Right" to the couple. They would no longer have to endure the shame of simple "commoners". Ms. Roh, according to her, a direct descendant of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, said: 'I have no intentions of turning it into Disneyland in Banff.

The castle is believed to have been built in the early to mid-16th century and has a colorful history, including an attack by the Duke of Cumberland in 1746 when he was hunting for Bonnie Prince Charlie.

Earliest records suggest the castle was bought by Sir Walter Ogilvie of Dunlugas - or his son, Sir George - in 1557 from the Curror family.
Although the castle was eventually abandoned at the turn of the 20th century, Count Robin Mirrlees bought it in 1963.
Mirrlees helped Bond author Ian Fleming research his novel On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. The count came up with the phrase, "The world is not enough". This became Bond's motto and later the title of a movie.

Stephan and Olga Roh are now the esteemed and revered Baron and Baroness of Inchdrewer, not Donald and Melania. This was a collasal screw up. Someone shoud get fired.

Olga - The Baroness of Inchdrewer

The Baroness Olga in front of her castle.
Olga Roh - The Princess is back in her new palace denied to her since the Russian Revolution in 1917.

Olga and her husband bought the derilict castle sight unseen. They are in the process of restoring it. It will take a ton of money. Olga's husband Stephan has more than a ton of money. A big chunk came from his foray into the Nuclear Business. More later.

Perhaps a bigger part of his success came from his close friendship with Bill Clinton.

Their is a term "friends of Bill" that sometimes shows up in exposed emails from the foundation gatekeepers. Stephan Row was a clearly a friend of Bill.

Olga along with her daughters are the head of the Rohmir fashion empire in the UK. Among her customers is Britain's prime minister. There is a photograph of Theresa May meeting the Queen in an Olga Roh coat. May is a personal friend and regular shopper at Rohmir. Olga and her family routinely jet set to their homes all over the world. They own homes in Switzerland, Monaco, Hong Kong, Italy and London. Although all the travel makes a nice cover, Olga is too busy and to selfish to be a spy.

Olga comes into Spygate as the woman who got Simona Mangiante hired by Joseph Mifsud. She would later introduce Simona to her future husband George Papadopolous. How did "the coffee boy" George Papadopolous break into this elite circle? Both Simona and George who later served 14 days in prison, say it was a setup. Where did it start? Olga's husband.

Dr. Stephan Roh

Roh first came into the spotlight when he was picked up for questioning by Mueller's legal team after landing in New York. Stephan Roh is the founder of the Law Firm RoH associates. From his website CV:

Born 1967 in Germany
Admitted to the bar since 1997 (Geneva) and 1999 (Zurich)

German, English, French, Spanish and Russian

Studies in business at the University of St. Gall (lic.oec., 1992; Dr.oek. 1997, thesis on “Taxes & financial investments. A comparative review of the Swiss, German & USA tax laws“)
Studies in law at the University of Geneva (lic.iur., 1995)


From the BBC - In 2005 Dr. Roh bought Severnvale Nuclear Services Ltd from its one man-band owner, British nuclear scientist Dr John Harbottle. He then invited Dr Harbottle on an all-expenses paid trip to a conference in Moscow. But the nuclear scientist was alert to the danger that visitors to Moscow can be targeted or even honey-trapped in compromising situations. Dr Harbottle said: "We smelt a rat. It didn't sound as if it would ring true and I decided that I wasn't going to go to this meeting." Shortly afterwards, Harbottle was fired. Under Dr. Harbottle the company's turnover had been £42,000 a year. Within three years under Dr Roh, Severnvale Nuclear, with just two employees, was turning over more than $43m (£24m) a year. Dr. Roh declined to respond to repeated attempts by the BBC to ask him to explain how he had transformed the business.

2005 was also the same time that Bill Clinton and Frank Guistra tavelled together and acquired Uranium from Kazikstan.

Ivan Timofeev

Ivan Timofeev was introduced to PapaD by Mifsud as the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs. This of course was not true but George did not know and was very impressed. Mifsud routinely lied to George. He would later introduce a babe wine merchant from St. Petersberg as Putin's niece. Ivan was actually a young academic associate of Mifsud at the Valdai Club in Moscow.

Timofeev is president of the Russian International Affairs Council, a Russian think tank with close ties to Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. “Ivan is quite an important person in Russian academic circles,” according to Theirry Pastor, the co author of the book with Stephan Roh. “But as far as I know, he’s not connected to Russian intelligence services.”

George Papadopoulos apparently saw Timofeev as a conduit to Russian state power. Again Mifsud played the connector, introducing Papadopoulos to Timofeev by email in the middle of April 2016. This was months before the official start of the FBI investigation. The Trump adviser and Russian researcher communicated for several weeks by email and Skype, according to Papadopoulos’ plea deal, to “lay the groundwork” for a “potential” meeting between the Trump campaign and Russian officials. Papadopoulos, as excerpts from his emails to the campaign at the time show, tried to arrange a meeting between Trump and Putin. It never happened.

Olga Polonskaya

Olga Polonskaia(nee Vinogravada)
Putin's Niece - Olga Polonskaya

Olga Polonskaia (nee Olga Vinogravada) was brought to the story by Joseph Mifsud in the spring of 2016. Long before the opening of "Crossfire Hurricane", Olga was presented to PapaD as Vladimir Putin's Niece by Joseph Mifsud. Putin does not have a niece. Olga used to have several social media accounts. They all had posts and pictures. These posts and pictures were removed almost two years ago. Both of them disappeared. Poor Olga is now invisible on the Internet or anywhere. All traces have been erased, except one. I saved one post. This post is unattributed and uncorroboated. I am including this post not as fact, but as color. I am including it as it is a classic CIA "honey trap". This should be an investigative avenue.

"In a posh Kensington nightspot, Joseph Mifsud introduced George Papadopoulos to "Putin's niece" while enjoying their elegant cocktails. This unlikely trio soon became more relaxed. Their cocktails may have helped. As the evening progressed, Olga flicked her hair, batted her eyes and purred in exotically accented English how nice it would be if the Donald reached out to my dear uncle Vlad."

Olga was actually a very good looking Sales Rep for a St. Petersburg wine company working in London. George fired off an email but only to a mid-level staffer only to have it ignored by the Trump Campaign. A good guess is he did it with Olga watching. No guy would pass up the opportunity to message the presidential campaign with a very hot, what he thought was Putin's niece watching. Olga of course had never met, and was no relation whatsoever to Vladimir Putin. But she was a real Russian. No one knows what happened with George and Olga later that evening. No one knows if George ever met with "Putin's niece" again. Maybe Joseph Mifsud and his handlers know." Olga Polanskaya was the second known Russian in RussiaGate. Only Mifsud can say why he introduced her as "Putin's niece".

Why did the FBI not Interview Mifsud?

Natalia Veselnitskaya

Natalia Veselnitskaya

The most eggregious and notorius Russian Collusion narrative was the meeting with Trump Jr. and Natalia Vesilnitskaya at Trump Tower. Who is Natalia?

Veselnitskaya first came to America in late 2015 under "special immigration parole" granted personally by Obama's Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

Maybe John Brennan requested this. No one is talking as to why she was granted such special level of access by the Attorney General of the United States. Natalia did not speak English. She was here as a lawyer ostensibly to lobby against the "Magnitsky Act". She had some success. She met with both Democrats and Republicans. The details are in this article published by "The Hill".

It was later learned that she also was working with Glen Simpson at Fusion GPS and paid him. She met with Simpson on the the day prior to her June 9 meeting at Trump tower and the next day with Simpson after the meeting. The linkage between Trump and Fusion GPS according to Congressional testimony was just a huge coincidence. This dinner meeting according to Simpson was "just a bunch of Mark Cymrot's friends". Mark Cymrot is a partner at Baker Hostetler.

Also present at the Trump tower meeting was the longstanding unsavory Russian Cohort of Fusion GPS Rinat Akhmetshin That two people associated with Fusion GPS were at this meeting is just coincidence piled upon coincidence.

On June 29, 2010 Bill Clinton was paid a half million dollars for a 20 minute question and answer in Moscow that took him over an hour to deliver, in English. It must have riveting to the Russians attending. It has been rumored that this extravagent fee was for Hillary's support of the Uranium One takeover by Russia. Bloomberg later had a story that this was for Hillary's virulent opposition to the Magnitsky Act. The later was probably true as evidenced by the glee expressed by Hillary's campaign in the wiki hacked email post for burying the story. "With the help of the research team, we killed a Bloomberg story trying to link HRC's opposition to the Magnitsky bill to a $500,000 speech that WJC gave in Moscow".

Hillary, Bill and Veselnitskaya

Hindsight is 20/20. In hindsight this Russian Connection met for less than one hour at Trump Tower. The Trump team considered this a waste of time. But Natalia had years of interaction with the Clinton's. Including emails that were never exposed. Maybe "Bleach Bitted" The Observer in an article published in July 2017 drew attention to the connections. Trump team a one hour setup. The Clinton team, years, $500,000, special immigration parole granted by the US Attorney General, missing bleach bitted emails, a wiki leak and dubious cooperative action at the highest levels of governement.

Gennady Vasilievich Vostretso aka Henry Greenberg

The Russian Spy
Gennady Vasilievich Vostretso

Gennady "Greenberg" approached Michael Caputo and Caputo referred him to Roger Stone. Caputo and Stone were minor players in the Trump campaign. Greenberg like all of the spies before him, had "dirt" on Hillary Clinton. This time it was different. He wanted $2 million dollars for the "dirt". Was he an FBI/CIA spy or just a Russian con man? He was granted "special immigration parole" just like Natalia Veselnitskaya. He claimed to be a spy for 17 years.

The Miami Herald has a wonderful story on Gennady Vasilievich Vostretso aka Henry Greenberg. Caputo did some research and esposed him. Roger Stone is spending his family fortune on Lawyers trying to stay out of prison because of his contacts with this guy.

The great story from the Miami Herald is linked

The last known Russians are "Chris Steele's sources" for the Steele Dossier. I am going to leave this blank for now. I am waiting for FOIA and de classification to get the verified names of Sources. Here are some hints if you want to Google them. More later.

All of the Russians involved are connected to CIA intelligence.

Next Chapter - The FBI