William Binney, Edward Snowden and Admiral Michael Rogers are American Heroes

The Rolling Coup d'États


This novel started with one person's visceral reaction to the Orwellian spectre of FISA (Foreign Intelligence and Surveillance Act) and grew with the attempt to abuse FISA to influence the 2016 election. Why is FISA so horrible? I will have a whole chapter later in the book. But just a glimpse. A warrant to surveil an individual from the secret FISA court allows three additional hops. In the internet world this means anyone that the target ever contacted, and then add anyone that those contacts ever contacted can be surveilled. Another way to look at this is 3 degrees of separation. There was a book years ago that implied cogently that every single person in the world had only "six degrees of separation".

Why is the FISA warrant to surveil Carter Page so significant?

The three hop rule allowed the Obama Administration to dig into the NSA database to virtually anyone in Trump's orbit with the Page FISA warrant. What is in the NSA database? Everthing you, your friends or your relatives ever said on the phone, texted, tweeted or even browsed along with the GPS coordinates of where you were and when you did it. All of the data is collected. Rules are applied after the collection. Yes you are being "wiretapped".

So searching it after collection is the challenge and the opportunity. There were originally three methods for search terms. to, from and about. About was a wildcard. About could contain anything. Admiral Rogers stopped about queries and started investigating the exploding number of FISA abuses. Within a month both Brennan and Clapper tried their damndest to get him fired. Obama demurred. He did not want the spotlight on the NSA database abuses that a firing would bring. Interestlingly Trump seems to be taking the same path. Presidents of both parties seem to relish the power to spy on everyone, everywhere.

The FISA stuff is some tactical background (and another great book) regarding the real spectre of Big Brother. Nixon's plumbers were lightweights. Our nation's problems are much deeper. This book is primarily a study and a portrait of the never ending abuse of the power of government. It is actually a plea for the public to think and limit the power of government. People with money and power keep seizing more money and power. We do not need socialism to stop this. Our founding fathers were prescient. We need a free unbiased press, education, free speech and most all limits on the power of government. The public must continue educating themselves and ultimately develop the skills and knowledge to challenge the authority, power and stupidity of government. Educate and think for yourself. In America, it is one vote at a time. Trust and talk to your neighbors.

Trump Russia was never an organized conspiracy. It was a confluence of people in power accidently united to stop a threat to their power. This coincided with the zeal of Trump political enemies getting on board and contributing. It was not a conspiracy, it was viral. It became groupthink. This type of zealous random coincidence is often a flag that begins Counter Intelligence operations. It is not only possible but probable to Western Intel and the FBI that where there is smoke there is fire. These seemingly random events became part of a bigger imaginery picture. The incident reports came from politically biased sources. Those that read them had the same bias. What will become clear is that all of the Russian's involved, were actually introduced by Western Intelligence Assets and Agents. The virus's patient zero was Trump Hatred, not Russia. This hatred was born out of fear of the populace. The people revolted. Some call it populism. Trump is only a manifestation of something far bigger.

The disgust with the elites and the status quo started many years ago. But all attempts failed until Trump. Remember the Tea Party. Trump was simply the right guy at the right place at the right time. Ask the deplorables what they think. "Yeah he's an idiot, but he is our idiot." hashtag #MAGA

This revolt is not just in America, it is Global. The "basket of deplorables" everywhere hate their government. They should. Brexit is an example and now Sweeden is exploring Sweexit. (I made up the term just now) In the recent elections Sweeden's parliament has moved decisevly to the right. Rape and other crimes haves exploded in Sweeden. Unfettered immigration has been a disaster not only in Sweeden, but all over Europe. The quality of life in this insular nordic country is declining thanks to immigration. The last bastions of big government and socialism are a disaster. In the most recent elections in Spain the progressives lost 11% to those that oppose unfettered immigration. Venezuela has melted down and Cuba just announced the return of the concept of "private property". The emerging superpower of the world, China could actually be next. I have included a thoughtful article by the avowed leftist Justin Raimondo writing for Antiwar.com for perspective.

From Beijing to the Beltway: The Revolt Against the Entitled

China’s woes mirror our own
by Justin Raimondo
Posted on August 20, 2018

Elites and their privileges are under attack throughout the world, and not just in the West. While here in the US the security clearances of former national security officials are being revoked to the howls of the #TheResistance, in China the Communist Party “nobility” is facing a similar challenge. :

“Elite privileges for retired high-level cadres should be eliminated. The system of the present ‘dynasty’ allows for the state to provide inclusive retirement-to-grave care for high-level cadres according to a standard that is far and away above that allowed to the average citizen. These cadres retain the privileges they enjoyed during their careers …

“This system continues the kinds of prerogative given to the Imperial Zhu Family Lineage during the Ming dynasty [founded by Zhu Yuanzhang in 1368CE] and the emoluments permitted to the families of the Eight Banners [exclusive Manchu military and administrative groups that contributed to the founding and rule of the Qing dynasty in 1644; the privileges continued until the end of the dynasty in January 1912].

“This is not merely a betrayal of the self-advertised ‘revolutionary spirit’ [of the Communist Party], it is also in breach of modern standards of civic life. What’s all that talk of ‘the remnants of feudalism’? This is a perfect example of it! People are outraged but powerless to do anything about it; it is one of the main reasons people hold the system itself in utter contempt.”

So writes Xu Zhangrun , a distinguished law professor at Tsinghua University in Beijing, on the web site of the Unirule Institute of Economics, which the New York Times describes as an independent thinktank operating out of Beijing. The professor emphasizes the material privileges enjoyed by the Party elite, and yet the same principle – and the economic reality – is equally applicable right here in the good ol’ US of A: the political class arrogates special status to itself, and this is routinely monetized. How much does John Brennan get for slandering the President on MSNBC?

The populist eruption that has swept the West has its Far Eastern incarnation: the ousting of South Korean President Park Guen-hye , the daughter of former dictator Park Chung-hee, and the peninsula-wide movement toward peace and even reunification, is one aspect of this global upsurge. Over on the eastern shore of the Yellow Sea, the burgeoning rebellion against Chinese President Xi Jingping is gearing up to pose a formidable challenge to the Communist Party’s authority. The insurrectionists have found a finely tuned acerbic voice in Professor Xu, whose rhetorical bomb has scored a direct hit on the puffed up would-be Mao-figure of President Xi “An emergency brake must be applied to the personality cult,” writes Xu:

“The Party media is going to great lengths to create a new idol, and in the process it is offering up to the world an image of China as Modern Totalitarianism. Portraits of the Leader are hoisted on high throughout the Land, as though possessed of some Spiritual Mana. This only adds to all the absurdity. And then, on top of that, the speeches of That Official, formerly things that were merely to be recorded by secretaries in a pro forma bureaucratic manner, are now carefully collected in finely bound editions, printed in vast quantities and handed out free throughout the world. The profligate waste of paper alone is enough to make you shake your head in disbelief.”

The difference between their media and ours blurs into a distinction without a difference as we contemplate the journalistic arm of #TheResistance and its openly coordinated campaign of political propaganda. A key aspect of this propaganda is not only the demonization of the President, but also the glorification of his most prominent enemies. These just so happen to be prominent figures in the “intelligence community” –  i.e. unelected bureaucrats, the American version of the Communist Party nobility.

Brennan, who spied on the Senate, and presided over a regime at the CIA which combined the sinister with the inept, is now a hero and martyr to alleged “liberals.” Fired FBI official Peter Strzok, a key figure in the Russia-gate hoax campaign, raised $350,000 in a single day on his “go fund me” page. Former FBI chief James Comey, another key figure in the anti-Trump high command, is also sitting pretty: his book sales have him set for the rest of his life. And we are treated to hours upon hours of these losers pontificating on television, protesting the revocation of their perks and privileges, in a seemingly endless loop of spittle-spraying vituperation.

Here, as in China, the media is an instrument in the hands of an entrenched oligarchy, a bludgeon wielded by a very visible hand. Professor Xu’s merciless description of China officialdom’s journalistic camarilla sounds very familiar:

“All of this reflects the low IQ of the Concerned Official and his craving for fame. More importantly, we need to ask how a vast country like China, one that was previously so ruinously served by a Personality Cult, simply has no resistance to this new cult, and this includes those droves of ‘Theoreticians’ and ‘Researchers’. In fact, they are outdoing themselves with their sickeningly slavish behavior.”

That “low IQ” remark is positively Trumpian, don’t you think? And all too true on both sides of the Pacific.

Not to take the comparison too far. The Chinese political landscape is, naturally, a far cry from our own. The liberal intellectuals and urban sophisticates who might be sympathetic to Xu’s assault on the Chinese kakistocracy are hardly the Middle American Radicals of flyover country whose desertion of the Democrats brought us the Age of Trump. Indeed, they are in many ways polar opposites. Yet there is a unifying theme in both camps: built up resentment against the regime of the entitled. Describing the insurrectionary possibilities, Professor Xu writes: “Every iota of this bottled up anger may, at some unexpected moment, explode with thunderous fury.”

That fury has been unleashed in the West, where the forms if not the spirit of democratic rule persist. China is a different story.

To begin with, much of the liberal-reformist critique of President Xi is framed in a semi-pacifist stance, which seeks to avoid conflict with the West, and specifically the United States, at all costs. Such rarified sentiments are limited to the urban intellectuals whose main audience is the New York Times. Whereas in the US, the populist revolt has taken on a nationalist aspect, in China the regime has grasped at nationalist sentiment as a riposte to its critics — albeit cautiously, lest things get out of hand.

Yet this maneuver is wearing thin. While the great masses of Chinese people are more likely to agree with Xi’s relatively hard-line position, they are more concerned with the slow-but-certain collapse of the Chinese bubble. The end of the long boom is in sight, and the lords of Beijing are bracing for a fall. Whether they will be able to get up again is, in my view, an open question.

As I have said repeatedly in this space, Mao had it wrong: China is the paper tiger, not the US. The hold of the Chinese Communist Party over the billion-plus people supposedly under their command is tenuous, at best. The conundrum faced by the Party recalls what Rose Wilder Lane, citing a Russian peasant, said of Soviet rule:

“’It is too big,’ he said. “Too big. At the top, it is too small. It will not work. In Moscow there are only men, and man is not God. A man has only a man’s head, and one-hundred heads together do not make one great head. No. Only God can know Russia.”

Faced with a Muslim insurgency in the far west provinces, and the prospect of an epic economic downturn with the potential to pull down the regime, the Communist Party can only pretend to control the vast repository of discontent that is China today. This is a country with a long history of periodic orgies of instability culminating in violent upheavals. Religious and ideological manias sweep through the teeming cities like an epidemic of madness with some regularity: the last one was the “Cultural Revolution.” The next one is about due.

This is why I have to laugh when I hear the Trumpists, and their fellow travelers, like Tucker Carlson, babbling on about the new “threat” to America’s hegemonic pretensions. It’s not Russia, they cry, it’s China! These people have zero understanding of – and respect for – the laws of economics, which long ago decreed the unraveling of the Chinese Ponzi scheme. Nor have they the slightest interest in Chinese history: all they care about is scoring partisan points against the Russophobic Democrats while still maintaining the requisite belligerence.

Efforts to portray China as a military threat are bound to crash against the rocky shores of reality: Beijing spends a fraction of what we lavish on our military. Furthermore, the Peoples Liberation Army is focused more on internal control of the country than on any expansionist project. The standoff with Taiwan shows no signs of going kinetic, and the vaunted expansion of Chinese bases on man-made islets in the South China Sea is simply a defensive measure comparable to our own control of the Gulf of Mexico.

There is no need to poke at the paper tiger. Left to its own devices, it will go up in flames soon enough. The heat of populist rage will see to that. The one arrow in the regime’s quiver is to play the nationalist card, which has so far trumped demands for radical reform. If our “Asia-lationists” – ostensibly anti-interventionist Trump fans who nevertheless portray China as a dire threat – succeed in ginning up a conflict with Beijing, they may yet save Xi Jingping’s bacon. As in the case of Iran, our hard-liners have a symbiotic relationship with theirs.

Trump upsets the apple cart

The cart was ripe for an upset. For decades America had been in decline. The symptoms of this malaise started almost invisibly in 1970. For the first time in over a century America went from a trade surplus to a trade deficit. Some of you may remember 15 years later when "Buy American" started to crop up. Mostly as a result of the Japanese auto industry destroying Detroit. But it was not only Japan, it was the Globe. America was vulnerable. If you think of America as one big business, 1970 was the year this business spent more money than it earned. Is it really that simple? Yup.

The business of America lost about $100 million in 1970. Not very big, only a fraction of a percent of GDP (.01%). But it was a loss. In 1971, Nixon took the business of America off the Gold Standard. The trade deficits started to grow quickly. We could just print (or borrow) money to buy goods and services from anywhere in the world. The juvenile and naive business of America now could not only print how much of an "allowance" they should receive, But they were also given an unlimited credit card. What followed was a 50 year spending spree.

My childhood home went from a purchase price of $13,000 in 1960 to a half million dollars today. A gallon of gas went from a quarter most of a sawbuck. The national debt soared from next to nothing to over twenty trillion dollars. The hundred fold increase in prices saw an only an increase in minimum wage from $1.75 to $7.~ per hour when Trump ran for office. The people running the business of America became fabulously wealthy. Three of the top four wealthiest counties in America touch Washington DC. Those doing the actual work became impoverished and "deplorable".

The business of America when Trump ran for office was now losing the better part of a trillion dollars per year. How does a business that loses that much money keep going? They borrow money and the business of America can just print (counterfeit) money. They don't call it counterfeiting it is called "Quantitave Easing". This money is not handed out to the deplorables but goes instead to investment banks to reinvest. This is where some of the money you spend on your credit card comes from. These banks got so much they continually hound you to get another card at 0% for a couple of months with the best "rewards program".

This phenomena like inflation, national debt, recessions, boom bust real estate, retirement fund and stock volatility are only the symptoms of the problem. The real problem is simple. The "business of America" has lost over $20 trillion dollars in global trade since 1970. In the process it accumulated over $20 trillion in debt. That the numbers match is not a coincidence.

The business of America has laid off millions of workers in manufacturing and agriculture in this time. Obama gave up. His famous quote was "What magic wand are you going to wave to bring manufacturing back to America?" The business of America used to sell more to the Globe than it bought. But now the Globe sucks the money from every Main St. in America. What is the minimum wage in America? It doesn't matter. What matters is how much they pay in China, Vietnam or Mexico.

This state of affairs is the apple cart. The deplorables rightly don't like the apple cart. In Russia the apple cart owners are called oligarchs. In America the oligarchs are called the elite. The elite run Washington, the states, the banks, most of the media and many of the schools. They like owning the apple cart. They can belong to either political party. Stupid wars produce more apple cart oligarchs. We have two decades of stupid wars under our belt. My heart goes out, and I salute the American Heroes in these last two decades.

In the meantime access to prestigious colleges has been reveled as bought and sold. It is not a meritocricy, The rich get richer. The answer is not socialism, it is intregrity.

The Wealthiest Counties in America

The richest counties in America surround Washington DC

Your elected governors in Washington seizes a big chunk of your income from the 3.5 million Americans on this map. You work from New Years Day until April 19 (Tax Freedom Day) just to pay your taxes. President Trump's tax cuts shortenend this by a whopping three days.

A big chunk of your money stays in Washington. The obligarchs are great at seizing your money. Unfortunately they fall short at giving it back. There are more than 3,000 counties in the U.S. Of the 75 with the highest incomes, 44 are located in the Northeast, including Maryland and Virginia. The corridor of metropolitan statistical areas that runs from Washington, D.C., through Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York and Boston includes 37 of these top-earning counties (where the median family takes home at least $75,000 a year). Zoom in to the region, and it shows a kind of wealth belt unmatched even on the West Coast.

In 2015 a grandiose butthole told the world he was going to tip over the apple carts. It was treated as a joke by the elites and even many of the desperate deplorables. But Something crazy happened. He didn't play by the rules of the elite oligarchs. The employees of the business of America had a new CEO. Donald J. Trump was a disruptor. He could bypass all of their carefully constructed barriers to power with a tweet and a crude New York insult. He wasn't in it for the money. He already had more than enough. He didn't seek power, instead he wanted glory. Glory is usually obtained by sacrifice. Trump was willing and continues to sacrifice. He doesn't need this bullshit. Nor does his family. Every day, half of the world, and most of the Media, mount relentless attacks against him and his family. How would you feel if you were 12 year old Baron Trump?

Ask yourself, Why? What motivates Trump? Why doesn't he just go along to get along? This was "scary". "Scary" is often the progressive's response to a logical question. Substitute logic with emotion. It happens all day every day. eg. Why do you hate Trump, Reagan, Romney et al? Scary works when the other emotive predictible responses of racism, sexism, mysogeny, fascism are obviously way over the top. Scary is the last refuge of the blabbering pseudo-intellectuals.

The apple cart owners and the political opponents become threatened

The first manifestations of threat response always happen in the Intelligence Community. This is what spooks do. They know stuff that we don't, first. Trump was viewed as an uncontrollable loose cannon around the world. The early days had ambiguous intelligence reports from many countries. They all had an axe to grind. The timeline details many of these forays.

Great Britain was more in tune with the Globe than America. The former head of MI6, now knighted, Sir Richard Dearlove had his eye on Trump starting with his controversial foray into Golf in Scotland. He knew that financing a Golf resort in 2008 was a "miracle". Yet Trump pulled it off and opened in 2012. This venture had it's share of controversy. Now that Trump was running for President he dug deeper. Who was this guy? Is he an existential threat? Worse is he a "Nationalist"? An in depth interview with Dearlove in the UK's Prospect Magazine will reveal in his own words his world view and to a lesser degree his view of tipping the apple cart. The article is called "I Spy Nationalism". The UK has enjoyed peaceful coexistence with the US since WWII. They also have a fairly neutral trade balance. But if the US became "Nationalistic", the trade balance would tip. Worse Golf may no longer be headquartered in the UK. Britain was also in the midst of "Brexit" and Trump was a Brexit supporter. The deplorables in the UK were also in favor of Brexit, but the elite that owned the apple carts were opposed.

Unfettered immigration was a large driver in Brexit. The UK like most of the EU was blindingly overrun with immigration. Countries were losing their identity. Crime was exploding. Rape was endemic. It was becoming repeted gang rape. Many Muslims view western girls as sluts that are asking for it. Look at how they dress. Some muslim neighborhoods are now considered no go zones for the police.

The "nationalism" that worried Dearlove was justly founded in two nationalistic world wars in the century that shaped his life. But the nationalism that really worried Dearlove in 2015 was Brexit and Trump. This type of disruption threatened to tilt the UK and American apple carts. The rapes were only happening in the poor neighborhoods. So what to do? Trump is only a nuisance at this time. He could never win. But any sound IC mover and shaker knows it is best to nip the bud of a nuisance early. Dearlove knew intefering outright in the American election could rightly be considered an act of war. So a covert op became the plan. Get the ball rolling and hand it over to that evil animal Brennan at CIA and let him run with it.

Dearlove got the ball rolling. It was patient zero, Trump hatred, that was propogating the virus. There was no plan yet and no conspiracy. But the virus of hate was ripe and virulent. Trump hatred was rampant.

It has been reported that Dearlove and Hannigan at GCHQ sent Trump Intel to Brennan in 2015. What has been sparesly reported is what Britain or Brennan did to follow up. Can anyone imagine there was no follow up on this exposive information? But a whole bunch of stuff happened in the UK in the next four months. Often the unanswered questions are the path to enlightenment.

One thing that is known is that Sir Richard Dearlove was connected to every individual at the start of Trump Russia

Also known is that John Brennan is a rabid Trump hater. Brennan claims to have initiated the Trump Russia Investigation. Brennan has accussed Trump of "high crimes and misdemeanors"; "he will go down in the dustbin of history"; "nothing short of treasonous" and many more. He also peddled the Steele Dossier to Congress. Why did he peddle the Clinton paid for oppo research dossier if there was something better? As CIA chief he should know. He also apoligized for spying on and lying to Congress. Brennan voted for the Communist Bruce Hall in 1968. Brennan was the first of the Obama holdovers to have his security clearance revoked. He created his "secret circle" to malign Trump. Brennan is now employed by Pravda America, otherwise known as MSNBC, spouting anti-Trump dogma.

History will show the Genesis of the Trump/Russia attempted but still rolling Coup d'États. It will be the ambitions, hatred and fears of primarily two men. Sir Richard Dearlove and John Owen Brennan. Did Obama know? Of course. He followed a version of his "don't do anything stupid mantra" and just did nothing. There is the "call it a matter" of millions of his campaign dollars and Clinton dollars going to the infamous law firm Perkins Coie.

History will also show the how the power of "Big Brother" reared it's ugly head under Obama leading into the 2016 elections. We were warned by Bill Binney and Edward Snowden. Only a few listened.

History will also show the complicity and the expansion of the evil's of government. Many wrongly think that the constitution promoted "Freedom of Religion". But the founding father's knew hundreds of years ago, the vast difference of "Freedom From Religion". They also thought the people should be free from the then unknown secular religion of "progressivism".

Because most Americans do not think or learn from history, this novel will happen all over again in 2020. The next novel hopefully will have Trump in charge, not Clinton.

American Felons yet to be Charged

This theory goes to fact with the following names in America. The are all not just tarnished but should be charged as felons.

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Brennan, James Clapper, Sally Yates, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Victoria Nuland, John Kerry, Ash Carter, Ben Rhodes, Samantha Power, Susan Rice, Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills, Elizabeth Dibble, Cathleen Cavilick, Sidney Blumenthal, Jonathan Winer and Adam Schiff.

In the DOJ and FBI - James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Rob Rosenstein, Bruce Ohr, Lisa Page, Andrew Weissman, James Baker, James Rybicki

UK Felons yet to be Charged

Richard Dearlove, Robert Hannigan, Christopher Steele, Glenn Simpson, Alexander Downer, Mike Reynolds, Christopher James, Andrew France, Stefan Halper, Stephan Row, Joseph Mifsud, Iain Lobban

Every known Russian linked to Collusion

Natalia Veselnitskaya, Olga Polonskaya (nee Vinogravada),

Next Chapter - The Brits