Media Propaganda

Chairman Mao once said, "A lie told a thousand times becomes the truth".

Mao defined propagandV/> groupthink

Most of our Media are not adhering to Journalism Principles. They are publishing biased stories. They are doing this for programmed reasons. For years, they have been spouting what amounts to propaganda. This is what Trump calls "Fake News". They keep doing it. Are they shameless or stupid?

Edward Bernays, whose 1928 book “Propaganda” directed modern tactics for advertising and politics, wrote that the intentional manipulation of societies, and of the habits and opinions of people, “is an important element in democratic society.” “Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society,” he wrote, “constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.”

Most in the media are now complicit in CIA, FBI and Government propaganda. The liberal tradition of speaking "truth to power" is dying. The media failure in the "Russia Investigation" is a disgrace. It is a disgrace to the schools of journalism in our universities and their professors. Bias is a given for all of us. But when it overrides their professional product in the public forum, the truth is lost. All of us should be ashamed. We let it happen. There is now an invisible government.

The press and the media has often been used unwittingly in intelligence community covert ops in the third world. For the first time in the first world, a huge chunk of our western media were seemingly wholly and wittingly onboard. RussiaGate had almost no free press oversight in any world. Jeff Bezos of Amazon fame and the owner of the Washington Post, hired twenty reporters with the admonition to dump Trump. The lines were drawn.

There have been several articles written on this disgrace. One of the best was from Matt Taibbi in "Rolling Stone

Matt Taibbi has some profound thoughts on the transgressions and failures of the American Media. In a forgotten liberal tradition, Matt wrote a scathing article in which he escoriates the journalistic failures of the RussiaGate.

In spite of their profound failures over the past few years, the media continues down this path. They have no shame. Last night (5/20/2019) the big story on "The Rachel Maddow Show" was Trump/Russia money laundering through Deutsche Bank. Today and tomorrow will reveal another Russian "Bombshell". Every day they keep pounding.

The propaganda is relentless. Now that reversing the 2016 election has failed, the focus has shifted to both the 2020 election and impeachement. Propaganda used to be governments attempting to control the media. It has morphed to the media trying to control government.

Mark Levin just released a wonderful book on this subject. Unfreedom of the Press

Next Chapter - It started in Great Britain