Intelligence is Power

Sun Tzu in "The Art of War" once said (translated): "Thus, what enables the wise sovereign and the good general to strike and conquer, and achieve things beyond the reach of ordinary men, is FOREKNOWLEDGE (emphasis added)"

Gaining FOREKNOWLEDGE is a strategic advantage beyond the reach of ordinary people.

Foreknowledge is one more acronym for spying.

Real power uses spying.

Power is Intelligence

Unknown to most people is the majority of the world's Intelligence is private. It is bought and paid for by people with money and power. They are looking to preserve and grow their money and power.

The are thousands of Intelligence gatherering firms in the world. Most are almost invisible. Most of you have by now heard of Fusion GPS. How many of you knew about them before? We will have a chapter later.

Devin Nunes while investigating the origins of Trump Russia hit many roadblocks. Stonewalling by US government agencies is one. The agencies are both hiding evidence and using "classified" to obscure more evidence. Trump desclassification should solve some portions of this issue. Nunes states, another issue was the involvement and the non transparency of "private firms". Some of the firms are not in America. Intelligence agencies routinely use private firms to hide covert operations.

This happened in Trump Russia. Everyone knows about Fusion GPS, Hillary hired them. The money exposed the nexus. It was was Hillary. Yes it was laundered. Her money went through her law firm, Perkins Coie, to Marc Elias. It was listed as a legal expense. It later went to the DNC. Then on to Fusion GPS and then to Orbis in the UK then to Christoper Steele and ultimately to Steele's "Russian contacts" for the dirt in the dirty dossier. It been over a decade since Steele was in Russia

Fusion GPS was just one of the private firms involved. Some know about Orbis and Cloudstrike. There was more. Much More.

A quick read of Papadopoulos's book will show what a covert op looks like from the perspective of the victim. PapaD was abused. This could have been you. This could have been anyone. The setup of PapaD may have been the least transparent covert op in history. Was George too ambitious or totally naive? Probably a little of both.

Was it hubris or confidence they would never be caught that made these assets so sloppy? Again maybe a little of both. It didn't have to be a pristine op. Hillary was our presumptive next President. Their actions would never see the light of day. The Brennan Dearlove op was executed by a private firm. A key firm member involved in the setup gave it away. PapaD's book is eye opening.

Next Chapter - The Setup of George Papadopoulos